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whst it proved

Posted By: Keene
Date: Tuesday, 21 April 2015, at 9:29 p.m.

In Response To: whst it proved (Bill Patterson)

Oh dear. So, the scoreboard at the right of the board didn't tell us all who was up how many points?

Yes, Falafel made lots of general noise, but remember commentary is just that, its a persons commentary on a thing, it wasn't analysis per se, it was Falafel, Carter and Matt talking about the plays as they happened.

You should also remember that there isn't always an explanation for why a move is the right now other than "its obvious that this is correct". This varies wildly between individuals, and you should expect that. There were also for some plays very short gaps where Phil would make a play, and Mochy would start shaking and rolling. In order to provide a valid reason, the analyst / commentator sometimes has to spend longer thinking about the reasons than he has to talk about them before the game moves on.

My perspective was entirely that it was great fun to watch and listen to it. I particularly enjoyed Falafel on the 8 cube telling everyone its a drop, then as Matt wants to make a bet on it, he changes his tune to "clearly a take". No valid reasons given, and Carter laughing in the background.

Did I learn anything? Well, probably not, but I had a good time, and wished I was there. I partook in the spectacle, not expecting to be educated, but to enjoy it. And I did. So, expectations met, from my perspective.

As to the other question in this thread? "whst it proved"? What was it meant to prove? Anything? I doubt it. I thought the point was to enhance backgammon as a spectacle. Make it exciting to watch. Was there a point to prove? Ownership of the cube? Can't we just use XG to assess that value? I think it proved that its a hella fun game, and that even a complete fish like Mochy can occasionally roll well and lay a beating on a seasoned pro like Phil :)


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