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Posted By: hominid
Date: Thursday, 4 June 2015, at 12:40 p.m.

It must be some four years ago that I realised that I might be able to emulate the game winning chances shown by XG and thus improve my cube theory. Some time later I wrote up a 24 page document which I called "Cube Aid". This I have dragged off my old computer collecting dust under the table. It is obviously not the definitive article and properly has many errors in it. Since that time I have obviously done plenty of fine tuning in my mind but not documented it. I think I did a revision but cant find one. This is not important as it is the method that has enabled me to become very good at early and middle game cube decisions. I recognise these positions at a glance because I am very aware of what matters, as do chess players apparently. Obviously you would not use it on all positions. The fact that I am into roll odds also benefits me in making decisions. I have tried many times to give this knowledge away without much success. I guess it is my brusque approach that upsets some gentle souls. I felt it would make people sit up but in fact it just put their backs up, oh dear. I guess I have become BGonline very own pariah. Maybe I'm at the wrong forumn.

I post for all those visitors to BGonline who mostly only read. I posted PR values for XG level of play, % conversion method for roll odds and I like to take credit for stimulating XG's revised Dice Distribution tables, what a boon. I now post "CUBE AID" 32 pages. Surely I'm not all bad ? You will only get out of it what you put in. Do the exercises check them cubes, value them, write it down total them up compare. You will become more than aware of what matters. The time will come when your brain will do the work in the background.

There was a time when I could not understand why XG never gave a points value to gammon chances and seriously considered asking Mr Xavier why ? Fortunately I never did write but I did have my eureka moment. My head dropped to my chest I clasped my forehead with both hands and started to laugh, stupid boy.


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