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OLM 20150922A The Prime Factors

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Wednesday, 23 September 2015, at 3:14 a.m.

In Response To: OLM 20150922A The Prime Factors (Jason Lee)

We are lucky to get these doublets, but they are not easy for me to play.

  • A = 8/4(2), 6/2*(2)   This play launches an attack at a time when we have only 8 in the zone. Furthermore, the Dillies have already made their 5pt. If we make this move, we would be vulnerable to 1, 2, and 8 from the bar. The upside is the 9 dances. If we knew the Dillies were going to fan, this might be our best play. Unfortunately, on the other 27 rolls, it is often an overreach.
  • O = 14/6, 13/9(2)   This is the first of two safe plays. It avoids committing to an attack because it does not make the 2pt. After this move, the Dillies could anchor on our bar point with any 5 or 6, so this play usually puts us into a holding game versus one checker back. If they were to anchor, the the Dillies would have a very playable game.
  • P = 14/2*, 6/2   This is the other safe play. Awkward as it seems, I like this better than the first one. It makes it harder for the Dillies to anchor. The downside is that we might be forced into an attacking game. That would mean risking our racing advantage which is one of our strong assets right now.
  • p = 13/5(2)   Making the 5pt is usually a strong candidate. If we make that play here, the Dillies could anchor with 5 or 6 and hit with 2 or 7. That leaves them with a lot of freedom.
  • N = 13/9(2), 6/2*(2)   This play hits, which increasingly seems necessary as I go through these options. It also results in better overall structure than the other hitting plays. After this move, the Dillies would have 6 to anchor and 2 to hit. Unfortunately, those are exactly the numbers we have blocked from the bar.

As is usually the case, when I write this much, I am unsure. This time, however, the exercise may have worked. Hitting, and making the 9pt, is now my clear preference.

Hope itís right!

N (Near) = 13/9(2), 6/2*(2)

Nactation: In the Near family, half the dice are used moving to destination in the outer board, and the other half are played entirely within the inner board.


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