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Backgame questions and positions

Posted By: Stick
Date: Wednesday, 23 September 2015, at 10:29 p.m.

In Response To: Backgame questions and positions (Chase)

I take ++'s answer and compare it against my own answer. If they match, I'm content and assume it's correct esp. when there's a significant difference between Play A and Play B. When they don't match, I try to figure out what XG is thinking. If I can't come up with anything to support its play I discard the results. Some plays are more obvious than others.

Of your three positions the first one I would label as easy and double hit almost automatically. When you put two or more checkers on the bar playing against a backgame the opponent is forced to play his checkers off the bar. This means that he will have to hit your blot if he rolls a deuce buying you timing which in turns help crunch his position. If he doesn't hit it now or later no harm really. Keep the prime slotted so he can't escape without again forfeiting timing to you. There is no hope whatsoever that he can win going forward.

The second position you play bar/21, leave the prime slotted, then whatever I assume. I don't know the difference between the reasonable twos but you can't site back on the 23pt so the first two are obvious. After that we leave the prime slotted in hopes of making it or if it's hit it hurts the opp's timing. It's almost like a win/win situation for us.

The last problem is a bit funky. I am okay playing one man to the ace against backgames but a second man is usually giving up too much long term flexibility. Here however the opponent almost out of timing and I want to be hit if he pops a six. I would leave the back of the prime slotted again I guess and make the ace. 12/8 6/1. (normally 12/7 5/1 would be better but I'm trying to avoid vacuuming more sixes to my ace point while bearing in)

As for rollout settings obviously the bigger the better but the time consumption is brutal. When/if I roll out a backgame position and I'm worried about how XG plays it I'll got +/+ on the checker play/cube decisions (you're at dmp, saving some time there at least!) and then be sure to widen the search filter otherwise a lot of moves will be overlooked since there are so many options in general in these positions.


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