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CA State, ABT Champion

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Tuesday, 8 December 2015, at 7:47 p.m.


Way to go Mr. Bishop. I was rooting for a different guy, but he controlled his own destiny and dropped the ball. In fact he faced you personally and wilted under the pressure.

As I told you before the tournament began (after you warned me you were gunning for me) one reaches a point after failing in the finals a few times where he becomes fed up and refuses to take it anymore. Sufficient character and mental toughness is earned through disappointment and one becomes an irresistible force, as you were in Los Angeles.

Shrugging off two losses in the main flight, you seized the day on SUNDAY. That is the day that separates the men from the boys.

Your recent disappointment in the Las Vegas Finals against the wondrous Akiko did not haunt you psychologically. Nor did your past failures against me... You survived enough adversity to buckle a lesser man's knees.

There were three main players with a solid shot at the title, and you were the last man standing.

Joe Russell won every match for two days or more, which should surprise nobody, before losing his first match in the finals of the CA State Championship against Al Hodis, (a great name out of the past). He may have won 10 straight at some point and was the only one able to handle Yoshi all weekend.

Al already had my pelt on his belt from the first round on the first day. He now resides in Las Vegas and plays with us on a regular basis.

Once again multiple Las Vegans reached the semi-finals and finals of the intermediate main flight and consolation. Howard is teaching them well!

We take pride in our backgammon here in Las Vegas, and we will be heard from in 2016.

But for the moment it is 2015, and the moment belongs to Dorn Bishop.

USBGF board member and easily the best player in San Diego for a decade. One of the only players ever to win the title on the last day, though many have had the chance. If memory serves this is a feat on the order of what Richard Munitz once did, seizing the title by winning the last two events of the year.

I believe that surviving adversity is the key to winning backgammon. The dice deal out heaping portions of that to everyone. He who handles it best gets rewarded with the hardware and the ca$h. You did a workmanlike job, and got your hands dirty in the Consolation bracket. A harder place to win than the main flight, even.

There will be no asterisks next to your name sir. Congratulations on a job well done and an achievement well deserved.

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