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UeyUstick's Opening Bows

Posted By: ueyustick
Date: Monday, 14 December 2015, at 5:51 a.m.

Hi, Im Simon from Australia.

This post is dedicated to the backgammon beginner, archery enthusiasts and all amateur theatre participants.

Upon the coat tails of Stick and Jeremy's dedication to the openings, I thought I'd do my own roll-outs and see if I could find my own way to remember all the opening rolls at MP/CL, DMP, GG, GS.

I was hoping to develop my own style rather than playing the substitutes randomly depending on my mood/opponent.

Anyway after a few days and some moments of clarified inspiration, it all fell out so simply and I came up with the following below.

I should add that GG or Gee-Gee is a slang term we use in Australia sometimes for horse racing, apparently of British origin. I like the match points saved analogy, because the few tournaments I have played reminded me so much of my tennis years.

I love how easy to remember it is and also a touch cheeky/cute.

Uey Ustick’s Opening Bows

7 of the 15 are locked in: 31, 42, 53, 61, 65, 63 and 51. 8 others into three groups: (1) Aces slot unless GS • 2-1: Slot unless GS 24/23 • 4-1: Slot unless GS 24/23 (2) 2-54 box trifecta at the GGs • 3-2: GG 2 down • 5-2: GG 2 down • 6-2: GG slot • 5-4: GG 2 down (3) 643 Match Points Saved • 6-4: Point or run DMP GS • 4-3: 2 down or 2 up DMP GS

For me it's so easy to remember and I think whatever imperfections there are in terms of error/equity giveaways may well be made up in locking in a style. So if u play me get ready for some making of 2 points and blots on 20 and 21 :-)

Feedback welcomed. Im just a novice enthusiast trying to maintain motivation to study our wonderful game.


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