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It's a New Year; Let's do Something New

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Tuesday, 29 December 2015, at 5:17 a.m.

In Response To: It's a New Year; Let's do Something New (Jake Jacobs)

As usual, I agree with Jake. It would take a lot to make a top backgammon player a household name. Not likely any time soon, unless, of course, that person happened to be a famous movie star.

I started this thread to stimulate thought and ideas to find ways to bring more people into the game. While it's nice to dream big, unfortunately that usually takes big money, and that's not likely for backgammon any time soon.

But wouldn't it be nice to go to tournaments in 5 years that has, say, twice as many players as we have now? Wouldn't it be nice to see a lot more young people, and some sponsorship money, and more different formats and types of events that more people would enjoy? Wouldn't it be nice to see clubs at colleges all over the world? Wouldn't it be nice to see more local clubs in more cities, and more clubs in the big cities and more places to play both for tournament play or for money every day?

Those things are not out of reach, and maybe after a few more years and more interest and a few more celebrities playing, some day there could be a true, famous backgammon champion known outside of our small world.

Let's get back to doing the little things that grow the game; that encourage the tens of thousands who already play to be more active and supportive; to get more people coming back; to teach more young people the intellectual and mathematical excitement of the game.

It's okay to dream big, but lets do the day-to-day kinds of things right now that can grow the game. Teach your kids to play. Teach your neighbors. Start a club at your daughter's school or camp. And let's push our organizations and leaders to do the kind of things they can do to encourage, support, and reward individuals who make these kinds of efforts. That's why I started this conversation, and we need to keep having conversations like this or we just go along doing the same old same old.

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