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Eliminating Cherry Picking in Live XG PR Rating Lists

Posted By: Terje Pedersen
Date: Tuesday, 23 February 2016, at 8:40 a.m.

In Response To: Eliminating Cherry Picking in Live XG PR Rating Lists (Paul Weaver)

I am not convinced that the cherrypicking problem is that big as to make any PR list meaningless unless significant steps to avoid it is in place.

How easy is it to rig a popularity contest as opposed to cherrypick yourself into the top 50 backgammon players in terms of live PR? If you have never played below 5.0PR in any live tournament no amount of cherrypicking will ever make you get close to the top. If you have to cherrypick half of your played matches in order to get into the list what are the odds that this will go unnoticed? And if you do you will have "Cherrypicker!" stamped on your forehead before you know it! :-)

The worse you true average PR is the more cherrypicking you have to do in order to improve it and the more likely you are to be identified as a cherry picker so I think the entire concept of cherrypicking defeats itself.

You can download every single match in the public database in Backgammon Studio (all 3258) if you want.

Another interesting thing is that you can also get a lifetime view of average PR over all available matches (10+ matches length above 3):

#PlayerAverage PRCountry# Matches
1Marty Storer2.888United States17
2David Wells (wells)2.89275United States12
3Bob Wachtel (wockadoo)3.13133United States22
4Masayuki Mochizuki (Mochy)3.1509Japan254
5Matt Cohn-Geier3.374United States92
6Petko Kostadinov (bulgari)3.4436United States85
7Falafel Natanzon (fanar)3.46412Israel69
8Victor Ashkenazi (vic)3.5416United States94
9Steen Grønbech3.56767Denmark16
10Carlo Melzi (melzino)3.5825Italy30
11Steve Sax (STEAMSAX)3.60788United States54
12Neil Kazaross (neilkaz)3.614United States48
13Freddie Nohr3.64375Denmark17
14Michihito Kageyama (Michy)3.64929Japan119
15Tore Fredriksen3.67457Norway28
16Masanori Ichikawa (othello)3.6845Japan55
17Yoshiyuki Nakamura (yoshi)3.7472Japan31
18John OHagan3.78257United States15
19Dmitriy Obukhov (Lyurix)3.7868Latvia66
20Thomas Kristensen3.804Denmark30
21Stuart Thomson3.83067United States15
22Naoya Kihara (bakatuki)3.836Japan16
23Paul Weaver (peever)3.85162United States43
24Fernando Braconi3.86717Italy14
25Thomas Myhr3.95325Denmark18
26Bill Phipps (BJP)3.9874United States25
27Daisuke Katagami (bgdaichan)4.0145Japan23
28Amir Eshraghi (Amirsnooker)4.03967Iran, Islamic Republic of16
29John Klein (66fromthebar)4.05225United States11
30Ed O'Laughlin (EasyEd)4.074United States63
31Kit Woolsey4.10517United States28
32Malcolm Davis (Cyrano)4.19167United States50
33Zdenek Zizka (XZet24)4.196Czech Republic17
34Junichi Tanaka (TJ)4.20583Japan49
35Mads Peter Andersen (MP)4.2115Denmark15
36Kiyokazu Nishikawa (fairytails)4.2684Japan53
37Sondre Rike (sonrik)4.2945Norway11
38Katsios Dikaros4.307Greece12
39Stick4.30744United States40
40Michael Senkiewicz (Senk)4.37383United States16
41Dagfinn Snarheim4.456Norway23
42Karsten Bredahl (plzdontcube)4.4658Denmark19
43Michel Lamote (kynos8000)4.4926Belgium28
44Marc Olsen4.58625Denmark17
45Akiko Yazawa (attakun)4.59786Japan68
46Tobias Hellwag4.5985Germany20
47Joe Russell (ez2bcubed)4.6256United States14
48Gerry Tansey (vanilladice)4.668United States11
49Frank Simon (pattayastyle)4.7436Germany84
50Jeremy Bagai4.7495United States26

if you happen to be on this list I think chances are good you are a very strong backgammon player!

Best regards,

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