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A private conversation?

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Saturday, 21 May 2016, at 10:27 a.m.

That is what Paul Weaver said he wanted with Ed O'Laughlin at the Capital Classic last night. I had called Ed over to make an official ruling on Paul's insistence on picking up the dice before I hit my clock. I had told Paul that the rules state clearly that you are not to pick up the dice before your opponent hits the clock, and asked him (rhetorically) if he had read the rules? Upon being ignored, I decided it best to call Ed over and send a message.

Paul did not deny my complaint, instead he asked Ed for a private conversation. Ed obliged him, reluctantly.

I was reminded of a time recently when I was asked to play an exhibition match at Safe Harbor Games. Arriving there a half an hour before the stated match start, I noticed in the lobby a character with the nickname Peever asking to have a private chat with Cindybel, one of the site directors and the person who had invited me to play the exhibition match against the Safe Harbor Games Champion. I lost that match by the way, as a historical note, though I did play slightly better than my opponent.

As to the context of these private conversations, I do not know.

I also remember clearly at this tournament here in the nations capital, coming down the hall from my room to see who was around. At the front desk stood Paul Weaver (back to me) and Ed. I heard Paul ask Ed, loudly, "Is Ray Fogerlund coming to this tournament?" I resisted the urge to respond, LOUDER, that yes I was coming, and why do you ask, Paul?

Welcome to my world. I have a stalker, (or two).

Paul wonders aloud why I am not nice to him and has even written page long treatises on me entitled Backgammon's Barbaric Bully. Perhaps some of you have read it? Please advise if you are interested and I can fill in some details for you. I might even be able to send you a copy if you would like to join his "club"

This is probably not the place to air my grievances, but please tell me where that place is in this day and age?

In the old days things were settled differently, but I can't just beat this clown up.

...Or Phil Simborg, the other guy who has conducted a slanderous email campaign behind my back. Raise your hand if you receive those emails. Drop Phil a note if you'd like to get on his email list.

The common thread here is that Paul cries wolf a lot. Never mind that he has been throwing rocks at wolves for thirty years or so... Just ask the dearly departed Bob Hill, or Stuart Thompsen in Atlanta. Anyway, my point is if you are going to initiate a confrontation with a wolf, do you have the right to cry if it growls at you???

The USBGF gets regular emails from Paul. One of them detailed how I had intimidated him at a recent tournament when I refused to talk to him at the elevator. I also declined to ride up it with him. How dastardly!

I don't know, maybe I ought to just shoot myself? Would that make everyone more happy? I know it pisses experts off when I play like a putz and still win.

There is jealousy and envy in all endeavors in life. Politics at work and at home and everywhere people get together. I have been a giant of backgammon for a decade now, Paul has been one longer. He has not, however, made the ballot for the backgammon Hall of Fame. Perhaps this has something to do with his personal attacks on recent inductees? Maybe people just don't like that sort of conduct???

Is his conduct becoming of a backgammon pro? I can't really say what Paul says privately about me, but I do know his nickname of various online backgammon sites. Peever. His bio states: Nobody peeves like a peeved peever. You tell me what that means? I think he takes great delight in being deliberately annoying is what I think. Perhaps even pre meditated, as it appears he was preparing for me even in the lobby at the registration desk. Who knows?

I could and would give many examples of questionable conduct by Mr. Weaver, suffice to say he is not particularly good for backgammon even though he claims to be one of the "good people". Kind of like Phil, lol.

My back is getting sore guys. I think I will take some ibuprofen. Drop me a line if you agree or disagree with me. I welcome the feedback.

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