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Consider multiple divisions--agree with caveats

Posted By: Phil simborg
Date: Saturday, 21 May 2016, at 3:06 p.m.

In Response To: Consider multiple divisions (Bob Koca)

I agree with ken and i agree with bob. First, Ken's idea would work best when we have a larger number of entrants. Of course the top players wont like his idea because their prize pool goes down and the giants will only have other giants to play, hurting their equity. In a perfect world this would not really hurt them if there is added money, and the majority of added money should go to the giants to keep them coming and keep them playing backgammon as a profession or semi-profession instead of poker or something else.

And I agree with Bob. If someone wants to play up who will care? Let them.

No question that if we had a separate division for 7-10 PR players and then a higher division for higher PR players and a lower division for lower PR players, more people would have a fairer chance to win and more would come. The problem is we dont have very accurate PR ratings for very many people, but we could still do something by a combination of results and ken-barry system that would approximate this kind of division by skill and results. But right now that would be very arbitrary and again, we rarely have big enough events to offer a lot of competition for each group. But it could be done soon, but again, the giants will be hurt in the near term but I think that is short-sighted--in the long term what is good for the total attendance and growth of the game is good for the giants as much or more than anyone.

Once again I stress that tournament backgamon needs to be less about winning money EXCEPT in the highest division. And to make it important and exciting to keep coming and trying to win matches in the lower divisions more points need to be awarded to more players and thise should accumulate so that the more you attend the greater chance tou have to win awards and even bonus money at the end of the year. Once again Bridge should be the model--lets learn from a game that gets huge participation without charging high fees and paying out big prize money. And the "pros" can still make big money and the tournament organizers and directors are paid fairly for their efforts.

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