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"USBGF... your thoughts" thread at DG

Posted By: Pendragon
Date: Sunday, 5 May 2024, at 6:11 p.m.

In Response To: US Backgammon Federation Update (Timothy Chow)

Timothy Chow, Yes.

First. All that's needed to have an account at Jordan Lamp's website is an email address. It's free. Like here at Stick's.

It's the thread that's interesting... There was an incident in Boston at the ABT event earlier this year. "seastones," knowing one of the persons, initiated a discussion about USBgF personnel and the organization's relationship with event organizers, both specifically and generally. There are several worthwhile contributions, some history, and interesting observations and opinions there, before I posted...

I'd still like to believe the intentions of the persons who established the ABT and later the USBgF were good and honorable, purely for the greater good of all backgammon players. However, time will tell. As so time has. The controllers of USBgF and it's ABT have demonstrated mercenary motives. These controllers assume all backgammon players have the same motivation as they do. All backgammon players do not. Some play for the love of the game. Some play for the love of money. Some host events for the love of the game. Others host for the love of money. With regard to the incident you speak of seastones, and others similar I will ask, what sort of personality is attracted to an organization of absolutist control freaks?

Additionally, the USBgF's efforts towards local Clubs and Club seeding is a naked recruitment of Fish for the Sharks.

Growing is the number who have no desire for ABT and USBgF participation, both those who have and never have. Those who do, are few. IMHO, it's high time for a separation of the sheep and goats. And let each go their own way, amicably.

Local Clubs are better off without the USBgF and hosts of special tournament events are better off without the ABT.

Generally speaking, I will reluctantly admit the many mercenary fascist governing bodies do accomplish some good. But the good is far outweighed by the bad they do.

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