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US Backgammon Federation Update

Posted By: MK
Date: Wednesday, 8 May 2024, at 12:51 a.m.

In Response To: US Backgammon Federation Update (Pendragon)

I response to a request by Pendragon in dailygammon, I posted the following reply which I will continue here following the quoted text.


Currently I couldn't care less about USBGF but I'll be glad to tell you what I thought of it in the past.

As I'll want people outside of the "paradise with wall" to be able to read it also, I'll post it as reply to this post of yours


on this same topic in bgonline, which is a "paradise without walls" or at least "with windows that anyone can peek through" without having to create an accour or enabling browser cookies.

In my post there, I'll also give a link to a 2017 article of mine in rec.games.backgammon which is still accessible in Google's Usenet archives, which is another "paradise without walls" with hundreds of thousands of searcheable posts going back 40+ years.

In a strangest coincidence, in that article I had used the same expression "birds of a feather flock together" that you used in your above mentioned post in bgonline. I think you all will find interesting that long article of mine about USBGF, with numerous linked references.


As some of you would know, I have been posting in rec.games.backgammon regularly since 1996. I posted only occasionally in some other forums because I didn't care for privately owned/operated/controlled forums.

Over the decades, I often craved playing in tournaments to see how I would measure up but never did because I looked at them as gambling events and since I saw no value in reading books or articles by the so-called "giants", I never had a use for or an interest in USBGF. In fact, I found it outright repulsive based on all the comments and news I was hearing about it.

Here is an RGB article I had posted in December 2017, during the times when news about Tom Buckner, Rod Covlin, some other apparently shady deals and what I considered illegal activities such as intruducing highschool age kids to "gamblegammon", etc. (I did actually wrote emails to school boards, urging them to fire and criminally charge teachers, principals, etc. who signed up kids as youth members of USBGF).


Only during the Covid 2020, I was a member for one year, attracted by a less than half price offer for membership which also included a discount coupon for an online server membership, that I had wanted to try out during the days of quarantine but never went past playing a few matches against bots and didn't have anything to do with USBGF since then.

Okay, this much should be enough to give a good idea of what I thought of USBGF, for the ones who didn't already know.


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