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The real vote for the Giant list

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Sunday, 29 November 2009, at 8:17 p.m.

In Response To: The real vote for the Giant list (Falafel)

Okay, I just can't stand all of the self centered who is better than me BS anymore.

Falafel: Can anyone really beat me when push comes to shove?

RAY: Not when it comes to talking about how great you are, NO.

Falafel: And so with this again I have issued an open challenge to anyone who wants to try and play live and bet on respective error rates and make bets during the match.pls let me know.

RAY: Let ME state for the record that respective ERS and bets on individual plays are all fine and good... But they are of SECONDARY importance. Winning the match is the most important thing, and that is ALL there is to it. I would NOT ever NEVER bet on ERs or individual moves.

The bot might not like a move or a double. The bot considers both players to be equal. You criticized a double I made the other day on GG... So did the bot. I was comfortable with it because I was playing the World's #1 voted by his peers two years ago. At some point... it becomes right to do such things.

It ALSO is right to double some arrogant ass-hole, (not you, but in general), who is going to PASS a take because he thinks he is better than you. Or to double someone who is going to pass because he trusts you are better than HIM and if you double you must know something so he is willing to resign and play another game so he might get an advantage and double YOU.

It is also right to double when it is a BLUNDER, if by passing some idiot will lose 5 times as much as you did by doubling... IF there is a 20% chance, or more, that person will pass. THESE criteria are based on judgement issues and your experience. Of this, I have plenty.

FALAFEL: Last thing that I looked into was the results in live events of all the players. i concluded as far as I was concerned I challenge anyone to tell me who has had better tournament results than myself over the last 2 years?

RAY. ME, for one.

We have played online for the past couple of years... or over the last 3. I think you won maybe two more matches than I did. In the last 10 or 12 we are dead EVEN. I think maybe I won the ER bet ONE TIME in all of those matches, MAYBE. I can't win that way... but I can win.


2007 ABT Champion. (Set record for most cashes in ABT events)

2008 5th place, ABT. Leader after June (Los Angeles)tournament and never cashed again. Won 4 Masters and took second place in a 5th.

2009 Leading ABT points since June in LA, (btw those fields may not have Falafel in them, but they are BIG and strong)... Tied record for most cashes in ABT events in one year... and haven't cashed in the last 4. One more to go.

INTERNATIONALLY: I can't play internationally all that much, really. I have a JOB. I need to pay the mortgage and taxes. The last time I went to Europe was 2006. You were there, Falafel. You were NOT in the final 8 of the World Championship that year... I know, because I WAS. I lost to Luigi Villa. He played a nice 10 ER. I was under 5, which is pretty good for me.

2009 PARIS. 1st place European Doubles. French Open: I lost in the money round of the consolation. You won one more match than I did there. I would have won my first 5 matches in a row if I had not lost in the FIRST round after leading 13-2/15 against a good player... Franz Bergi. You beat him I think so you know he is okay. I lost to the French Open Champion from 2008 in the money round of the consolation because I gave an early double and took a bad redouble. I guess I got NERVOUS playing for the big $$... What do you think???

How much have you contributed to society in the last two years? How many articles did you write to share you knowlege with weaker players in that time?

Should those things be a factor in the GIANT voting in your opinion?

FOR THE RECORD: I don't give a rat's ass who has the lowest ER, or if you know the best play every turn. I just want to WIN. I do okay, even compared to #1 Giant Falafel.

See the teeter totter. See RAY's trophies on one side... See Falafels on the other...

See the man holding the teeter totter level? See him let GO!

Watch Falafel's trophies FLY.

See the MOON? Fly trophies, fly!

I bet you anytime we play heads up. Winner takes all. No side bets!


Your friend,

Ray Fogerlund

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