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GG Ratings?

Posted By: Stick
Date: Monday, 30 November 2009, at 1:03 p.m.

In Response To: GG Ratings? (adambulldog)

Falafel has a great rating but he won't play OL against punters like Keene or me. Does that make a difference?

I never played much on GG but I had an id. When it changed over from GG to GG I started getting on to chat with a few people and Falafel wanted to play. My nick was 15XX or absolute tops 1600 and he couldn't have cared in the least. Still to this day even though my id has slowly crawled up a bit because over time I have got some experience I'm only 1750 or so and Falafel will still always play me regardless of my rating. I can't for anyone else, others might do this, but I don't think the reason Falafel doesn't play you is because of your rating.

Paul W. and SM and Mochy have played me a few times

As I said, my rating is low because I don't play much and I have no idea what your rating is nor do I care in the least. If I know you, I'll play, whether I am one day on the top of the GG ratings or not. I won't, however, play random people I don't know who are rated a lot less than me. Not because I care about the rating but because I want to get something out of my matches, either a good match or socially playing against somebody I know even if their play isn't world class. Playing some neophyte who wouldn't know shit from shinola (twice in the same month!) is not worth my time. Even if someone says "hey, I'm blahblah I read on your site" I'll happily play them, but random doesn't do it for me.

I feel like OL matches are not really representative of the genuine article...

OL matches are to be taken with two grains of salt, a shot of whiskey with a bottle of whiskey back. Many reasons. For me unless I'm specifically trying to play a good match, like when I'm playing Falafel or another top player, I'm largely not paying attention. I will be busy postwhoring here, on Facebook, playing poker, and I'll click over, make the first reasonable looking play, and click back.

I know that Ray has posted on here indicating that GG ratings are a meaningful quantity. I think Zurich Mint has said so as well. My question is: how meaningful?

It is as meaningful as the player in question makes it. If Rich and Ray get on GG and always pay attention, trying to hone their game, playing hard, practicing, etc... I think it's worthy of note for them how they succeed and what their error rates are. I don't think you should lump their opponents into the same basket though because maybe they were doing a Sticky and multitasking the new shipment of porn redtube let out that day.

Iancho gets a lot of matches from GG still and he asks me to tell him when I'm going to play. I don't but if he is going to save and analyze the match I make an effort to focus on the match even if it's against some random.


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