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GG Ratings?

Posted By: Coolrey
Date: Monday, 30 November 2009, at 7:47 p.m.

In Response To: GG Ratings? (adambulldog)

I have been over at GG for 13 years or so, starting in 1996. There was nearly a year hiatus while management changed hands and they are still ironing out the bugs and trying to get people used to the idea of subscription backgammon.

GG made me a better player because it recorded matches as they were played and you could import them into Snowie and the other bots. I dunno if you can do it into the new XG now, but you can into Gnu.

That is a great way to study! You can identify bad habits as you are developing them.

I used to like starting every day with a few cups of coffee and play matches there while my mind was rested. I don't play incessantly like some people do, because I don't find that playing is the best way to practice. Studying is and that is not as much fun.

I take pride and embarrassment from my rating depending on where it is at the moment. A dip to 1800 makes me pay attention, and I know it is time to stop being lackadaisical and get to work... For me it is an ongoing ordeal to play well.

Mostly now I play Dana and Petko and Alan Grunwald (Noctogammon) and a few other friends. Many players like to watch us do battle... and if it is your wish you can interract with the watchers. I have many other aquaintences at GG but mostly they are just friends... Not regular opponents.

I also play Rich Munitz there. Maybe I play the nackgammon nightly tournament once every other week or so.

Stick and MCG [atrifix] have shown up recently. They play eachother alot. They play awe inspiring ER backgammon, but because they are playing one another there is little chance that their ratings will be reflective of their level of skill. It takes some time to build up the experience and that would take away from watching red tube latest porn uploads.

I chatted with Rich the other day and he stated he doesn't play anyone under a certain rating say 1600 or over 200 points below him. That is a common refrain from the high rated players and lament of the low rated ones.

The reason for that is the rating system gives odds to the lower rated player. To beat a 1500 player in a 5 point match I might go up 1.5 points and if they beat me they will go up 4.5. I will LOSE 4.5 points if I get beat.

It leaves a sour taste in your mouth to get unlucky and lose to some pedestrian, and have it ruin the rating you worked hard to achieve in the meantime!

I am skeptical of some of the high ratings. Someone called Darren has a 2000+ rating and only 1400 exp. He remains near the top of the list. Various and sundry people have played nackgammon exclusively to take maximum advantage of the rating system and remained at or near the top for years.

Falafel is currently 1990 or something. I think that is legit and extraordinary. Rich is often above 2000 as are Dana, Petko [bulgari], and sometimes Noctogammon. I myself have been over 2000 on a few occaisions... but it is very brief and on the heels of some crazy hot streak. My highest rating has been 2009... But those other guys have reached 2050 or more.

There is some excellent backgammon to be found there and the ratings are largely trustworthy except for Stick and MCG.

Many players don't like to play unless there is a bet on the match, and that might be the reason fanar won't play with you Adam. When GG had jackpot accounts before the internet gambling revolution I would NOT play. Some people actually played the bots for money! Amazing.

Anyway nowadays with the bots being commonplace it is much harder to achieve a 1900 rating on GG. The players are better now. In the beginning I am sure you had to be about 1950 to be any good. Now anyone sporting an 1850 rating or better is probably damn good.

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