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GG Ratings?

Posted By: Rich Munitz
Date: Monday, 30 November 2009, at 9:53 p.m.

In Response To: GG Ratings? (Coolrey)

I tend to limit my play to players between 200 and 300 rating points below my own, depending upon my mood.

The reason has less to do with the skewed rating change because I presumably have very good chances against the weaker player. The real reason is what Stick has already said. Why do I want to spend my valuable time to play with somebody that I a) don't know and b) doesn't have a solid grasp on the game? It is not an anti-social thing or anything, it is just that I have limited time to devote to backgammon, and I want to make the best use of it - either socially or to get something out of playing.

I've played Falafel rated in the past when he was almost 100 points below me. Surely I stand to take a bigger hit doing that than playing some random 1400 rated fish.

Ratings at GG are subject to variance. When the bots were playing on the old site (clearly identified as bots by the way) you could see them fluctuate up or down 120-150 points from average. But they played 24x7 with everyone. In general, I have found over time that most players have reasonable ratings relative to what I believe to be their abilities. They may also vary plus or minus 80-100 Elo due to variance in dice and play.

There is currently no money play at GG and hasn't been for a while. So I have to imagine that 99%+ of play there is clean. I have never played anyone there that I felt was using a bot for assistance. peever and I once had a non-trivial match where we both played around 1.3 and that may have made some of the watchers suspicious, but certainly not the players. I was once accused of somehow rigging the dice in my favor by some random clueless moron I was nice enough to play. Why don't I want to play with random clueless morons again?

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