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Action required?

Posted By: Matt Ryder
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, at 5:51 a.m.

In Response To: Leave PJT alone (Stick)

Having now read this entire sordid thread (with growing horror/incredulity), it seems that there's evidence that Play65, one of the largest backgammon servers, is potentially involved in fraud on a massive level. The accusation here is that P65 deliberately hired developers and system administrators to coordinate a series of bots and "algorithms" on its site with the intention (and effect) of stealing money from unknowing punters. Apparently, this has been going on for years. These bots were designed to pass as human and were deliberately coded to stay away from a list of pros (who were more likely to analyse the games with their own tools and thereby expose the larcenous enterprise.)

If this is indeed the case, should the backgammon community not take immediate action? Are there not legal mechanisms to halt this criminal empire and its paid-off hierarchy of 'bent' employees? It's disgusting to me that every day, newcomers to BG are being systematically defrauded by these goons. Should we not stand up and do something?

Until I read this saga, I was operating under the obviously fallacious assumption that sites like P65 had to be regularly audited to keep their license. Why are there not already measures in place to prevent this level of blatant abuse?

I feel that if there's any truth to these allegations, the BG community should exert pressure on P65 to release all its historical data to a disinterested expert with a mathematical/BG background (Douglas Zare, for example) for review. Should such an analysis reveal chronic abuse, legal action should be taken. Other servers should be subjected to similar scrutiny. Global standards should be drafted, and existing sites encouraged to demonstrate compliance.

Is there a sheriff in this town?

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