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Posted By: Bill Riles
Date: Tuesday, 1 December 2009, at 5:38 p.m.

I don't know the guy from Adam; so, I'll give him a bit of slack -- innocent until proven guilty.


We do know (according to alex, reportedly PJT's great friend and cohort) that PJT helped write the algorithm (bot) to "beat humans" but this was done before Internet servers, etc. So, how, exactly, was it expected to be used? I doubt many would sit across from someone using an aid of any sort. Or was it meant to be an early version of a Snowie-like or GNU-like program? If it was all alex with the cheating bots, how did PJT's name ever get involved in the first place? I can't believe Mochy and others would be that reckless with someone's reputation.

We do know that PJT told Perry Gartner (according to Perry's post) that he was living in Thailand and supporting himself by playing backgammon on-line.

We do know the algorithm/bot has been used (according to alex) fraudulently on at least one on-line site to 'steal' (my word) money from unsuspecting 'recreational' players. This was done, reportedly, with the knowledge, collusion, and shared financial gain of the server. Did PJT participate? Was he aware? I can't believe, if he makes his living on-line and is best buds with alex, that he could not know, whether he participated or not. And, that, in my opinion, is not too many steps above alex.

So, there is an awful lot of smoke indicating there is a fire somewhere close by.

Now, seemingly, every Dane on the planet, those who likely know PJT best, is outraged by such accusations against their BG God. They apparently don't believe he would do such a thing. Fine, maybe that is true. But we all been surprised and/or deceived before by those we think we know well.

The uproar in some circles over the cheating, the uproar in other circles over the accusations against PJT, and the complete silence from PJT who could, perhaps, at least quell some of the furor by a public statement all create quite a volatile stew.

The whole situation, to me, is analogous to the debates over Islamic terrorism -- that might be a sensitive comparison to some, particularly the Danes, but so be it. Many in the Western world are understandably outraged by the situation; many in the Muslim world say that is not fair, it is only radical Islam that does these things and it is not representative of Islam as a whole. Maybe so. But, among the entire moderate Islamic community, where is the condemnation and the efforts to suppress and/or end the terrorism? I don't see it.

Similarly, I've seen many Danes defend PJT. I've not seen any Danes condemn the cheating practices, including conditional condemnation of PJT if he was involved.

I would hope PJT would make a public statement -- I would hope it would include a condemnation of cheating, a condemnation of alex for cheating with PJT's work, and a statement of his own role, if any. I doubt anything would be settled -- anyone can say anything. Those who choose to think he is guilty would likely not believe a denial. Those who support his innocence would unquestionably believe a denial. But, at least, he would be on the record. His failure to do so only raises more questions in my estimation -- (see Tiger Woods' auto accident).

I have no doubt the whole sordid escapade will damage backgammon -- the game we all love. It would seem all, including PJT (?), who profess to love the game and have benefitted greatly from the game would attempt to mitigate the damage from such a scandal.

I eagerly anticipate PJT's statement.

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