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Naccel 2 -- post #2

Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Saturday, 9 January 2010, at 5:49 p.m.

In Response To: Naccel 2 -- post #2 (Lucky Jim)

Just to be clear would it be fair to say that once you have mastered Naccel 2 within say less than a minute over the board it should be possible to know if you are ahead or behind, know the actual difference in the pip count between you and your opponent and in non-contact racing positions be able to tell if you should double or take a double?

That's certainly safe to say. You can get the entire operation to less than a quarter of that with a lot of practice.

The key comes down to how quickly you can spot efficient counts. If you just crudely shift everything to the Supers, you can do reasonably well, but the more formations you know the speedier your average counts.

You saw how quickly Ian's count became 8(2) versus 9(1), but if you spot an inferior count, either because you aren't aware of one of the basic formations (knowledge) or you just don't see the superior way (mostly a matter of practice), you'll need an extra step or steps.

At some stage in your Naccel 2 postings would you mind setting a short series of positions perhaps in increasing order of difficulty for us to try and work out on our own and then in a subsequent posting show us how you would approach each position and what the actual Naccel 2 count is?

Truthfully, all positions seem so fast to count in Naccel that it would be difficult or impossible for me to judge which are harder, or at least there wouldn't be enough difference to offer that sort of progressive presentation a meaningful advantage. Stringing blots around the board slows the count but that's the case with all systems (less so in Naccel or other 6- or 3-based), and such positions tend to be unnatural or seldom-arising.

I prefer submissions because the sender can intimately identify the position being counted, and it removes any possible suspicion that I am (subconsciously or otherwise) selecting positions that favor a Naccel counting approach.

I'm glad you brought this up, though. I urge you and others to treat the positions submitted as problems to work out on your own. That's essentially what the sender probably has already done (in his own system and/or in Naccel), so he'll get a lot out of the explanation -- comparing his count to mine. There is still value in reading through, at first to gain confidence in the system (if that's needed) and to learn basic formations and technique, but you'll get even more out of the posts if you count the positions first, and perhaps even write down how you got to the answer.

I am really keen to learn Naccel 2 so do hope that you can provide some further postings on this.

Great! I am encouraged.


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