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64P-62 At DMP, GG and GS

Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Wednesday, 20 January 2010, at 6:19 a.m.

In Response To: 64P-62 At DMP, GG and GS (Paul Weaver)

Snowie is 64P-62 [S $14, d13 R13, s-24, g-12 D10], where the d, s and g represent the DMP, GS and GG results respectively (and the play order S$ repeats except that a minus stands for $/S reversal).

Based on the other bots money results, I figure Snowie has about a .0105 S bias. Carrying over half of that bias to GS and GG, and a third of that to DMP (my usual methodology), that adjusts to

[S $3, d7 R13?, s-29, g-17 D10?]

GS: As Snowie does not play according to score, we trust other bots AtS when the data is available. Gnu (Stick) has s[$ S56] 5k, call it s[$ S53] 5k after accounting for bias. 5k still has some variance, so I'd move it a bit towards Snowie, perhaps s[$ S49] or so.

DMP and GG: Gnu (David) has d[S $2] and g[$ D10 S28], call them d[S $4] and g[$ D7 S25] after accounting for bias. These rollouts are only 1k, so in this case I'd weigh Snowie more heavily.

Tenatively, then, I'd make value: 64P-62 [S $3, d6, s-49, g-19 D10?].

In short, your suspicion that 64P-62$ is right at both GS and GG is well-founded, even though -- as Stick said (and you know as well as anyone) -- the situation will not arise when Opp is playing correctly AtS.

GS sometimes crosses over the usual S/$ straddle around money (even when GG doesn't) when the typical value of splitting in order to anchor/run is overridden by the danger of being blitzed. Early plays like 64P and 62$ tend to evoke these sorts of GS/GG (or just GS) theme reversals.


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