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Poker Lesson - Because I'm bored

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 23 January 2010, at 1:26 a.m.

In Response To: Poker Lesson - Because I'm bored (Chuck Bower)

You indicate that opp's 4th street check-raise is to be expected, but is it correct?

I'm not sure whether you're asking is it correct in general (on a flat out bluff for eg) or if it's correct given the hand he has. His actual hand is a wannabe monster and his checkraise is definitely right. He hopes to win it on the spot of course but even if he doesn't count how many outs he likely has. Any heart, any 9, any A and possibly the overcards. He gives himself three ways to win here - he checkraises and I fold - he checkraises, I call, he hits on the river - he checkraises, I call and he bluffs the river. There are hands that I could be chasing from the beginning where it'd be correct for me to call his checkraise hoping to hit and if I don't I have to fold anyway. (though most of those hands lose to QK straight out anyway)

On the fly I knew I didn't have the right odds but figured they were close enough...esp. since I'd been running pretty good.

No, I think you understood it. I had like 9-1 and need around 11-1 (giving some flex because I don't know if hitting an ace or even a Q are outs, so I may need less than the noted 11-1 - if you count my aces as outs then I have 7/46 [7/45 in reality] so I've easily got the right odds) I made which if I had to be honest was an ever so mild negative ev call and got a little lucky, that's how you understood it I take it?


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