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Stick Challenge

Posted By: Bill Phipps
Date: Thursday, 30 August 2012, at 5:32 p.m.

About a week ago, I challenged Stick to play me in a proctored setting, for any stakes he chooses. The idea was to put to rest, once and for all, allegations that his 2.0 online PR was a product of cheating. Unfortunately, Stick has stated flatly that he will accept no proctor. I guess it isnít as easy to call a guy out as it used to. And it appears that they arenít making Giants like they used to, either.

So, I am prepared to make a second offer.

I will put up 10,000 dollars. We play a set of 25- 7 point matches either live or in a proctored setting. Stick does not have to put up any money but he does have to agree to be proctored. If, at the end of the 25 match session, Stick has equaled or bettered his online PR of 2.04, he wins the $10,000.

This gives him a complete freeroll. If the 2.04 PR is indicative of his true strength, this deal is worth 5000 dollars in EV. If Stick is concerned that I will somehow succeed in steering games into difficult positions, I will also agree to play each match for a reasonable stake. This will make any attempt to steer costly for me.

Stick, if you are innocent of any wrongdoing, I strongly encourage you to accept this offer. Successfully winning this challenge would truly be legendary. Plus, it isnít every day that someone offers you a risk free $5000 and a chance to clear your name, simply in exchange for 20 hours or so of playing backgammon. If, however, the allegations are true and you are a pathetic cheat, I advise you to keep doing what you have been doing, and avoid any definitive test of skill. It is better to have people questioning your ethics, than to play and remove all doubt.

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