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Stick Challenge

Posted By: Dmitriy Obukhov
Date: Friday, 31 August 2012, at 1:34 a.m.

In Response To: Stick Challenge (Bill Patterson)

Why do you constantly bring this up?

I thought this was clear. Bill--and he is not alone-- strongly believe Stick was using outside help to achieve his 2.04PR in online play. Some people would just ignore it and hope others--like Bill--would do it, but not him.

People are getting tired of your postings about challenging Stick.

If this is the case he should forget about it, right? And who are these people you refereeing to? Yourself, Strato, and who else? there are simple solutions to that btw. First, Don't read. Second one involves Stick himself.

Stick has got nothing to prove to you and if I were Stick, I would delete your postings.

And what that would exactly achieve?

I do not believe ever that Stick would cheat as I consider him an expert and everything he is doing and has done in Backgammon, he should not be bothered with such childish behavior.

Childish behavior goes something like this,"you are a cheater because I said so" In contrast Bill spent many hours researching and offers 10,000 [5,000 in equity] to prove him wrong. go ahead and make a similar offer to a group of people, you ll see a long line ready to take you up on the offer.

I do believe that this is a matter of you wishing that you could be as good.

By "as good" I assume you mean 2.04PR? Otherwise this sentence doesn't make sense to me. Bill believes Stick is not that good, remember? Yes, I am sure Bill wishes he could play 2.04PR, and he is not alone. Saying that's why he started this is nonsense, though. Anyway, what do you know about Bill? Do you know his PR is 4.0--or close to it?

Why don't you just forget about it?

Stop posting you mean? I am sure even he has limits. so, your wish may be granted.

I hope Stick will continue to ignore you and I wish that other people in this forum would stop responding to you and ignore you.

Stick has not been ignoring Bill. He has been refusing his offers instead. As for other poster's responses goes, I partially share your opinion on that. Seems like half of those posts are just straight up stupid, anyway.

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