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Nactation Question — S used in place of Z

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Monday, 30 January 2012, at 11:27 p.m.

In Response To: a contrast (David Rockwell)

As Paul Weaver is wont to mention, Nack Ballard is best nactator living today. Nack would win any Nactation contest hands down. The obvious having been stated, let me take a crack at this.

1O1O ' '2X3X '3X ' ' '4O

1X '1X ' '5O '3O1O ' '5X
41S-11e-42 [S s1.2] "<5
Position ID: sHPwASTgc+EBKA Match ID: cAkKAAAAAAAA

Beyond the standard opening moves, 21S 41S 51S etc, there is no absolute preference one way or the other. I believe Nack typically uses the S (Split) family whenever possible in describing a play in isolation. So, if he were nactating your position, and were not contrasting it with another, he would likely use S. The “Convenience Clause” clause allows this, because the S family is empty. On the other hand, if Nack were comparing your position to another, especially if the alternative had a non-empty S family, Nack might use the Z (Reverse split) family to nactate your play.

Other players can use Z freely if that is their preference. It is never an error to use Z in your position. It is, however, an error to use Z for the standard opening moves.

1O1O ' ' '5X '3X '1X '4O

1X '1X ' '5O '3O1O ' '4X
41S-32Z-42 [z Z6.8 P14 D33] "<5
Position ID: 4HPiASTgc+EBKA Match ID: cAkKAAAAAAAA

In your second position, your sense to use Z is correct. When there are legitimate S-family plays, it is an error to use S as a substitute for Z.

I hope this helps.


P.S. Thanks for posting rollouts of these 3rd-roll positions. I will be adding them to my small database.

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