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Nactations of 41S-66B-51 C (Cross) Family

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Wednesday, 15 February 2012, at 9:54 p.m.

In Response To: just checking (David Rockwell)

Thanks for checking, David. It looks like you should be helping me, rather than the other way around!

1O1O ' ' '5X2X3X ' ' '4O

 ' ' ' ' '5O2X3O1O ' '3X
Position ID: 4NvBwQDgc+EBKA Match ID: cIkUAAAAAAAA

In the C (Cross) family, the plays that make the 23pt outrank all others. That is because the More Points Convention does not give preference to the location of a point, just having one is enough to get the nod. After that, there are two ways to jump over the bar with the 5, 8/3 and 9/4. By the 6pt Convention, the move that lands closer to the 6pt ranks higher.

Third and fourth ranked are the plays that move a back checker up. Once again, placing a blot on the 4pt beats landing on the 3pt.

C (Cross) Family
Hits on
These Points
(more is better)
(higher is better)
Owned Points Not Held
by All Members in Family
(more is better)
(closer to 6pt is better)
Blot and Spare
(closer to 6pt is better)
(outer board: farther is better)
24/23, 9/4 24/23 9/4 23pt 4pt* C
24/23, 8/3 24/23 8/3 23pt* 3pt c
23/22, 9/4 23/22 9/4 4pt* 22pt C
23/22, 8/3 23/22 8/3 3pt 22pt c

*This is the deciding criterion. The asterisk marks the reason under Hit/More/Six that a given row ranks above the row that follows it. Other criteria are either tied or irrelevant.

The main purpose of the ranking rules in Nactation is to allow the best backgammon plays to rise to the tops of their respective families. That way, they can more often be assigned to capital letters.

Your play brings out once again the problem of plays that anchor on the 23pt or 24pt. Often they are not the best backgammon plays, and yet, under the More Points Convention, they are awarded high Nactation rankings. Nack has posted at BGO his concern about this (especially in Nackgammon), and has publicly mused that he might add an exception for the 23pt and 24pt. If he codifies this change, then the Hit/More/Six rule would not consider them to be made points (even when they were). Such a change is under review.


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