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Three Positions With Different Plays At DMP & Money

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Friday, 7 June 2013, at 2:31 a.m.

In Response To: Three Positions With Different Plays At DMP & Money (Paul Weaver)

Position 1

White is shimohei

score: 0
pip: 111
1 point match
pip: 137
score: 0

Blue is peever
Blue to play 41

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

If White enters on the 3pt, the game is almost surely lost. Should Blue slot it?

For money, Blue needs to be conservative. Minimizing gammon losses is the priority. In unlimited games, therefore, I would play 24/23 to get into escape position, and then 8/4, so that I can avoid the fly shot, while keeping a builder in the outfield in case White jumps out.

At DMP, however, Blue can take the risk of slotting his 3pt. Iíll try 8/3, holding onto the bar point for the time being.

Position 2

White is Player 2

score: 3
pip: 169
5 point match
pip: 86
score: 3

Blue is Player 1
Blue to play 61

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

Hitting, 10/9* 10/4, is the safest play for this turn. It leaves only 61 and 63 as return shots. Unfortunately, the hit does little harm to opponent White. He has the timing to reenter and escape before his board will crash. A bolder alternative is to hit and break the 8pt (10/9* 8/2). This move adds 51 and 53 to the list of return shots, but just about guarantees a safe bear in if missed. A third possibility is to break the 8pt without hitting, 8/2 4/3. It leaves 15 return shots, but would force White to break an anchor to hit.

Considering that Whiteís backgame is already well-timed, I think hitting is best. At DMP, Iíll guess that breaking the 8pt, and leaving three outside blots, is the way to go. For money, Iíll play both dice off the 10pt.

Position 3

White is Jeb Horton

score: 0
pip: 175
1 point match
pip: 136
score: 0

Blue is Victor Ashkenazi
Blue to play 63

eXtreme Gammon Version: 2.10

Whiteís timing is suspect for a backgame. He trails by only 39 pips before Blue plays this 63. Hitting on the 1pt, therefore, seems unnecessary, especially since Blue would have to break his bar point to do so.

Making the 9pt would be ideal for Blue. To this end, playing 16/10 or 13/10 is counterproductive. It duplicates the 1 that Blue needs to advance in the back court.

13/4 is what I would play OTB, for money and at DMP. Given Paulís subject line, however, that cannot be right, so Iíll go for 13/10 7/1* at DMP.

Thanks, Paul, for offering these very tough positions.


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