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I think 2Pornot2P

Posted By: svilo
Date: Friday, 7 June 2013, at 4:33 p.m.

In Response To: name this position 130607--long (mamabear)

To make it funny I sometimes attach metaphor names to some kind of positions. This would be LayDownSally. After Eric Clapton. Slotting is laying down to be covered, isn't it. In Bulgarian we have a song (Polegnala e) Todora. If we played chouette with Petko and I sung the tune or mentioned Todora, he (and all the mob) would know I was urging to slot.

Ok this is the tactical means to be adopted or not.

The enemy is ahead and we have 2 ways of winning here - blocking and returning the prisoner; holding the enemy front position and waiting for another blot.

In a priming battle, when most of the checkers are used up (like here) a slot is often called for. I call these positions late slots. The slot here has 3 purposes - to cover, to attack or to recirculate in order to pick a blot. I did not look closely, but perhaps at DMP recirculating would be more important. At GG and U probably the priming would bring more gammons than the closeout. But priming is a dream here...

Some more considerations. Playing 3/2 duplicates or triplicates (depending on the 5 played) the needed 2s to go to his golden point, to hit on ace or to prime with 62. When one number is needed for many purposes it is bad.

The cube is also in favor of slotting. One becomes a hero when he has given the cube.

The problem here is that it IS NOT a typical slot (laying to cover). Playing to the bar is a means to attack! If the enemy misses we will have 21 ways to hit on the ace, 3 to POH and only 6 more ways to complete the prime. This is not a LayDownSally position. It is a 2Pornot2P position. When you have a very strong urge to pee, but it is not appropriate. You have to decide. You might be in for trouble.

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