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My Solution - please read, forward and repost

Posted By: Rod
Date: Thursday, 14 November 2013, at 12:53 a.m.

Dear All,

In 2008, realizing that people had been talking about a US Backgammon Federation for years (10, 20, 30) but that no one was acting to create one, I took it upon myself to create such an organization. The USBGF is not perfect and has gone through growing pains, but hopefully with Bill Riles at the helm it will regain its early trajectory.

I have taken the first steps to create a permanent repository for backgammon information for the backgammon community:

A backgammon wiki - located at http://backgammon.wikidot.com

There is a donation button: All money raised will be used for the benefit of the organization. Once there is enough I will have a 501c3 (non-profit) created and will form a board of directors to oversee it. The board will be comprised of respected members of the world-wide backgammon community and will attempt to be representative of the diverse nations that play. This will hopefully create a longer-lived repository for this information than through any other means. Each federation will be able to have a representative on the Board of Governors, giving direct voice to those federations.

Further, because of the wiki-style nature of this information repository, the community will be able to join in creating the information. It will truly be controlled and maintained by the community itself and not a single individual, as is the case with some of the backgammon archives that exist today. Moderators will be approved, initially, based on my knowledge and input from the community and eventually by a 2 or 3 person approval group in the organization.

The first entry has been made. Please create an account and start editing away!!!! Create a page for yourself - list your wins, achievements contributions and awards. Create a page for another - this solves the issue of a site for player profiles. Ask to be made a moderator.

The first entry? http://backgammon.wikidot.com/wiki:bgonline Take some time to flesh it out.



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