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Posted By: Rod
Date: Thursday, 14 November 2013, at 5:47 a.m.

In Response To: My Solution - please read, forward and repost (Keene)

No. Not even close.

First, that isn't a wiki. Second, it is "owned" by a single individual. Third, it is only for player bios. Probably a whole bunch of other things that are extremely different.

What these things mean are:

Being "owned" by a single individual means that that person has unconditional control over content and can be deleted at any moment. It also means that for all intents and purposes the site is static - it will change only very rarely.

This is also why it being a wiki is so important. If a bio can only be added by an individual, any particular bio is going to remain the same for years at a stretch (likely). With a wiki, the community can (and will) update the various profiles after each tournament or certainly more often than a static submission-based site will be.

The wiki aspect also means that all backgammon knowledge can be added and managed by the community at large. This is what makes wikipedia so powerful and useful. We can place rollout info there - 2nd roll nested under each 1st roll and 3rd rolls nested under those. And if someone does a 4th roll, it can be nested under the 3rd roll. We will have an organized way to see those. We can have terms and definitions, strategies.... everything. We can take all of the backgammon community's info and knowledge and organize it and make it useful... as a community, each doing a little bit of it as we have the time or desire, monitoring each other's efforts and checking for quality of information on a real-time basis.

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