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OT- chess and the impact of computers

Posted By: Fatboy
Date: Saturday, 23 November 2013, at 6:23 p.m.

In Response To: OT- chess and the impact of computers (jdg)

Good article,

I started playing BG in 01 or 02, I can clearly see how bot's have helped me improve. It would take me forever to improve without them. I think that applies to most everyone. I'm sure in 20 years there will be 22 year olds who grew up with XG and will play at a 1 PR or close to that. Had I been exposed to XG when i was that young (with good coaching) with my memory forget it, i'd be great. (i'm not bragging i have a good memory, i also have many weaknesses too, like spelling and grammar-sorry) So i foresee lots of new "great" players coming into BG in the future.

I know i talk about the "Pool" world here in a high % of my posts, i use it to compare what I know to what i see in BG. I'm a fresh set of eyes in BG-can't be a bad thing, So I offer the best information I can in a attempt to participate here, someday when i'm better known and have more to offer in BG I'll discuss that.

So with that in mind, i'd like to talk about something I know a good bit about that IMO applies to BG. The article mentioned "Ratings Inflation", Think about your credit score back in the 80's if you had a 700 FICO you could do anything, nobody had a 800+ score. Now days 650 your a bad guy with some "Risk". I was in the credit biz for years and my company reported to 2 of the 3 major bureau's for years. One thing they the CB's are struggling with is "Score Inflation". I spoke to a top guy at Trans Union about this topic in 06 IIRC and he told me they had modified their scoring model over 150 times to combat this problem. Its a difficult situation, because to lower someones credit score without them doing anyhting wrong(late pays etc) is complex. I would imagine the same thing applies to Chess, BG scoring or rating models.

Now to pool in the early 80's a guy put together the USPPA and rated players form ~20 up to ~200, it was a crude formula(he never reviled) however i figured it out over time. People who couldnt play were 25's, B players were 55-75, A players were 75-110. There is a big range there.Champions were 125-140, World Champions were 150+. Fast forward 10 years and B players were "100 speed players" as its called in pool. Now to compare that to BG I dont have enough BG knowledge to be very accurate, but probably like a a real good intermediate all of a sudden being called a weaker "open level player".

My point is this, inflation is a condition of human nature. We have it in economies all over the world, in Chess rating systems, in pool for certain and I think BG rating systems will suffer the same fate.

So it the kid who now has the worlds highest ever rating a victim of inflation or is he the best ever? My answer is this would Ali or Tyson have won had they fought? We will never know-FYI I think Ali wins that fight. I know Mike personal he was my neighbor in Vegas. Ali would have out moved him,

have a nice weekend, sorry i missed Vegas.

best eric

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