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Nactations of 31P-44

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Sunday, 8 December 2013, at 9:27 a.m.

In Response To: 31P 44D free drop (onur alan)

2O ' ' '2X4X '2X ' ' '5O

2X ' ' ' '5O '3O ' ' '5X

Nactations of 31P-44

On a roll of doublets, the D (Down) family is used for plays that move all four dice to destinations in the outer board on the near side. Thus, checkers may move from the far outer board into the outer board, or else move completely within a player’s outer board.

In this position, D = 13/9(4), an absolutely horrible play!

The best way to nactate 13/5(2) is in the Point family.

The alternative is to use the O (Outer) family. For a roll of doublets, O requires that 2 dice are moved to destinations in the outer board, while the other 2 dice are moved out of the outer board to destinations in the inner board.

The way to remember the definition of O is to memorize “half in/half out.” Half the roll is played into the outer board, and the other half is played out.

P = O = 13/5(2).

A similar result holds when the roll is 55 or 66. In general, when you play two checkers from the midpoint in order to make a point in your inner board on a roll doublets, P is easiest way to nactate it.

When the roll is 55, P = 13/3(2).
When the roll is 66, P = 13/1(2).


2O ' ' ' '5X '3X1X ' '5O

1X ' ' ' '5O1X3O ' ' '4X

The Hit-more-6 Rule

When you have a choice of points you can make on a given roll, the hit-more-6 rule is used to determine which play ranks higher in the Point family. The one that ranks higher is assigned to upper case P. The second-ranked play gets lower case p.

When an opponent opens 64S, for instance, and you roll 44, you have a choice of making the 16pt or the 5pt. The top priority is hitting, so 24/16*(2) ranks atop the P family.

P = R = 24/16*(2)
p = O = 13/5(2)

The alternative Nactations are in the Run and Outer families.

If your opponent had opened 63S, it would not be possible to make a point while hitting. Then the priority would be to make the point that is closest to the 6pt. That’s what the 6 means in “hit-more-6.”

P = O = 13/5(2)
p = R = 24/16(2)



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