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Giants voting - why only open players?

Posted By: Keene
Date: Tuesday, 7 January 2014, at 3:37 p.m.

After reading Prince Barlow's post about eligibility to vote, it got me wondering, why only open players? Don't the Advanced players also watch the open players at events, don't they also play against them in side events, don't they also chouette with them, don't they also talk to them?

I understand the perspective that open players play against each other regularly, and are in a better position to understand and judge skill levels, however, is the advanced or lower division player really that much inferior that their vote wouldn't or shouldn't count?

Why isn't it a weighted system? This question goes to the owners of the giants vote - whats the thinking here? Does anyone else have an opinion?

Reason I ask is that in Prince's case, he has played 3 open events, yet when I think about it, if any player plays open division once in the 2 year voting period, then surely they should qualify to vote - and if this is the case, then whats to stop every advanced player playing open once every 2 years in order to qualify? What happens if someone decides to run a flat rate cheap to enter event - like the London event, that would be considered to be an 'open' only event? That would give all entrants the qualifying criteria to vote for giants.

So, whats the thought here? Where is the future of giant voting? Are we sticking with an elitist system whereby the most 'known' players get voted in? Why not expand it?


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