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Advanced Backgammon #7

Posted By: David Presser
Date: Thursday, 23 January 2014, at 6:53 p.m.

In Response To: Advanced Backgammon #7 (Igor)

For the original position - I see two candidates: either 13/4, or two down. The 2 down play leaves me stripped on the mid-point and in a stacked and awkward position. The 13/4, although exposes 2 checkers to direct shots, duplicate many point making numbers for the opponent. If you move one of the spares from the 8 back to the 13, then my play is clearly two down. For this position I think it is close, or more correctly, I don't know. I am going with two down because of the 7 pips race lead after the play which gives me the edge to go with the more conservative alternative (I have the feeling that I am off here for missing something in my analysis).

For variant 1 - 11/10, 6/4 - that is a tough one. Because my opponent has 10 checkers in the zone and is about to make a point, and many numbers hit and cover, I think that exposing another checker to a direct shot (13/4) is inadvisable. Therefore, I need to play a little more carefully and go awkward with two down.

For variant 2 - 24/22, 11/10 - make the ace looks clear to me. It takes an important half a roll from your opponent who has a threatening structure for home-board making and/or prime making.

For variant 3 - Looks like running is the play since if one of the exposed checkers is hit, it takes away point making numbers (unless it is a double), so being hit with no board isn't too bad. In addition, if you are hit on the 10, it strips your opponent's mid-point. It goes without saying, that if you are missed, you have a good game going. So running is my play.

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