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OLM 20140614A The Prime Factors

Posted By: Taper_Mike
Date: Saturday, 14 June 2014, at 9:57 p.m.

In Response To: OLM 20140614A The Prime Factors (Jason Lee)

The Dilly Builders vs. The Prime Factors

Click any move to see the position.

Game 1   9-away, 9-away   Dilly Builders: 51S-54S-42P-61P-33A-F-C-P
Game 2   8-away, 9-away   Prime Factors: 52S-64H-62U-41P-21$-41U-F-N-42P-52C-C-T-41P-31P-31H-32H-F-22N-51S-X-11n-31H-52U-F-R-P
Game 3   8-away, 7-away   Prime Factors: 64S-61P-52U-51H-44P-41A-42H-51S-N-55M-64H-N-F-N-43H-F-C-P
Game 4   7-away, 7-away   Dilly Builders: 63S-42H-41S-61$-41H-54@-55A-F-N-32C-F-32D-55H-42E-32O-61H-43U-63O-53E-65S-21K-63H-N-52U-54R-N-42X-F-C-P
Game 5   7-away, 6-away   Prime Factors: 63S-62X-51U-44I-53-21C-55P-F-C-P
Game 6   7-away, 5-away   Dilly Builders: 54S-55A-F-N-63H-4-C-T-43H-2-65O-F-61E-21H-32C-42P-63R-32D-42S-41O-33P-22J-52H-32B-53S-64R-61A-31n-62j-44J-64-41d-65B-31J-61-41N-410-113-113-43R-41B-42D-421-62a-31B-62R-66-31
Game 7   7-away, 1-away, Crawford   Prime Factors: 61P-21$-51S-43C-55E-63R-43P-41L-66

White is The Dilly Builders

score: 2
pip: 147
9 point match
pip: 127
score: 8

Blue is The Prime Factors
Blue to play 66

G (Glasses) = 24/18, 13/7(2), 8/2

The big question is whether to come out to the 18pt.

If we do, then our play is G = 24/18, 13/7(2), 8/2. Otherwise, we can kill a checker by playing O. = 13/7, 8/2(3) or kill a pair of checkers with O = 13/7, 13/1, 8/2.

I think G is best because it keeps all our checkers alive. If we are hit, the Dillies may have to break their 8pt to do so. Even if they don’t, there may be other return shots, including a chance to attack their runner.

In case we are not hit, G fits in well with a plan to run.

I could be way off on this, but our timing seems too fragile for us to benefit by killing checkers. Walking into a triple shot is usually not my preferred tactic.

Escaping will be difficult, but it won’t be any easier after we spend our spares making candlesticks on the 1pt and 2pt. Waiting to run may appear to be safe, but it could easily backfire if we give the Dillies an unchallenged opportunity to bring checkers down from their midpoint.



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