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Hugh Sconyers response

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Wednesday, 3 September 2014, at 5:04 p.m.

In Response To: Hypergammon--information please? (phil simborg)

This is from an email from Hugh to me and Jake, which I copy here with his permission:

Wow !! Jake you have a great memory.

In answer to Phil’s question about teaching beginners starting with Hypergammon:

I think hyper can help teach things that will be helpful in normal backgammon, but I would not start with hyper. I recommend first regular BG and then use hyper to show how important the race is and many important cube decisions. In almost all situations, the race needs counting & cube check are needed before rolling in hyper. B T W, there are some AMAZING checker plays in hyper (which almost no human would get correct.) I also have the solutions to 1 checker and 2 checker hyper.

You might not know this: I have also the solutions to 4 & 5 checker BG--same starting positions as hyper and adding checkers to the 21 & 20 points. These games are much more complex and also exciting to play. In addition, I have the solution for Hyper-Nack. Hyper-Nack has a starting position of 2-23 & 2-24 for each side.

I also have the solution to all bearoff positions which have this:

Each side can have 1-3 men on points 7-12 1-12 men on points 1-6 4 cube cases

All of the above have HUGE data storage requirements.

Someday I will solve this:

Each side can have 1-6 men on points 7-12 1-12 men on point 1-6 4 cube case

Given the cheap price of hard disc & HUGE size the following is now possible:

Each side has 1-15 anywhere on the first 12 points 4 cube positions

There are lots of bearing in plays made by the nn that I expect are incorrect. With this database we would know the exact answers. Then there is the question of cube management in the long races. I expect currently that players and nn are doubling too late.

I wonder how many really care?


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