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Speaking of XG html export

Posted By: Terje Pedersen
Date: Tuesday, 12 May 2015, at 10:40 a.m.

One of the problems I have when importing XG matches is getting the exact performance rating. I have collected the information I could find about it in the postings here but I haven't been able to nail down all the information to get the exact same value as I find in XG. Usually the number the server is able to come up with is within 1.0 of the correct answer but it would be sweet to always have the correct value. If you see a * after the performance rating on the server then that was a number the server tried to come up with.

As a quick fix I have added code to check the filename for performance rating numbers which some has started to use. But this isn't universally adopted so it won't save the day every time.

Is it possible to include this in the match footer of the XG file format?

It would be even sweeter to include everything that is found in the html export of XG which could then be added to the database and used in different ways. Which player has the most/least luck? Could be fun to know! :-)

Another challenge I have is names used in the XG files. So if you call one player 'John' then it is hard for the server to guess who that is as there several players with that name. But I guess it isn't a big problem and a bit of investigation will identify who actually played the match. Another is tournament names where there can be a lot of variation even from the same tournament: http://world-backgammon.rhcloud.com/helptopic/tournaments.png but I have added a tournament override option when importing so all matches end up with the same name (much easier to locate matches later on).

In other news: Cool to see players from so many different nations on my server (16 at the moment). https://flic.kr/p/rNmnSK There are 50 or so more norwegians on the server but they haven't logged in after I updated the server to log this information.



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