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Live PR Giants 2015

Posted By: Terje Pedersen
Date: Monday, 22 February 2016, at 3:44 p.m.


I have made it possible to separate live and online matches so these are no longer mixed.

Clicking on the will switch to showing online PR:

I got sent a lot of matches (where one of the players was a Norwegian) from the recent European Team Backgammon Championship (EBIF) where Norway won! Awesome! :-)

Unfortunately only one Norwegian player survived this split and is still on the Live PR list:

#PlayerAverage PRCountry# Matches
1Michihito Kageyama (Michy)2.887Japan21
2Marty Storer2.888United States17
3Masayuki Mochizuki (Mochy)3.005Japan48
4Steen Grønbech3.03Denmark11
5Frank Simon (pattayastyle)3.053Germany24
6Yoshiyuki Nakamura (yoshi)3.057Japan11
7Tore Fredriksen3.06Norway5
8Petko Kostadinov (bulgari)3.121United States17
9Neil Kazaross (neilkaz)3.123United States14
10Thomas Myhr3.163Denmark13
11Victor Ashkenazi (vic)3.35United States27
12Matt Cohn-Geier3.401United States18
13Bob Wachtel (wockadoo)3.462United States10
14Freddie Nohr3.576Denmark7
15Sander Lylloff (Mister X)3.635Denmark6
16David Presser3.769Israel11
17Paul Weaver (peever)3.821United States12
18Steve Sax (STEAMSAX)3.861United States16
19Junichi Tanaka (TJ)3.873Japan6
20Gerry Tansey (vanilladice)3.98United States5
21Karsten Bredahl (plzdontcube)3.996Denmark9
22Dmitriy Obukhov (Lyurix)4.069Latvia14
23Thomas Kristensen4.104Denmark14
24Keene Marin4.174United States5
25Amir Eshraghi (Amirsnooker)4.186Iran, Islamic Republic of12
26Zdenek Zizka (XZet24)4.196Czech Republic17
27Dennis Culpepper4.306United States10
28Charles Hill (CHillagain)4.33United Kingdom5
29Kit Woolsey4.345United States9
30Kamyar Karimi4.365Iran, Islamic Republic of6
31Kiyokazu Nishikawa (fairytails)4.374Japan9
32Peter Friberg4.411Denmark9
33Mads Peter Andersen (MP)4.473Denmark10
34Jess Danielsen4.473Denmark6
35Akiko Yazawa (attakun)4.641Japan27
36Marc Olsen4.672Denmark5
37Michael Weile4.676Denmark8
38Malcolm Davis (Cyrano)4.719United States29
39Julian Fetterlein4.785United Kingdom29
40Sebastian Wilkinson (Pyrrhic)4.857United Kingdom19
41Michel Lamote (kynos8000)4.87Belgium21
42Peter-Michael Valeur Bosse4.884Denmark8
43Dorn Bishop (dorn)4.936United States5
44MohammadReza Amini4.945Iran, Islamic Republic of6
45Lawrence Powell (traveller000)4.947United Kingdom18
46Jon Barnes (goldbach)5.025United Kingdom12
47Ray Fogerlund (Coolrey)5.028United States23
48Michael Larsen (rookieplayer)5.056Denmark16
49Honza Cerny5.079Austria17
50Alfred Mamlet5.183United States9

As for online tournaments I might not have identified all but the ones I have tagged as online are:

Online FIBS Exhibition Match

There is also a: BGOnline but a match in this tournament:

Falafel & Victor Ashkenazi (2.71) - Mike Senk & Fran Goldfarb (2.19) 7pt BGOnline

makes me suspect that this is actually not an online tournament:

Any clue what tournament this was? Some candidates from chicagopoint:

ABT - 4th US BACKGAMMON OPEN January 13-16, 2012; South San Francisco, California

ABT - NEW YORK METROPOLITAN BACKGAMMON OPEN January 5-8, 2012; Jersey City, New Jersey

If the dates are accurate then it could be from both of these tournaments (or something else entirely...).

I just noticed "KlydeCrashcup" in the above list but the filename suggests Mike Senkiewicz. I thought his alias was Senk. So many aliases to keep track of! :-)

The matchinfo dialog has been updated with some additional info for flags and also direct link to player statistics and a wifi symbol to indicate online tournament:

But the real fun is found elsewhere on the server! :-)


Best regards,

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