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Idea -- Need Feedback

Posted By: Stick
Date: Friday, 17 November 2006, at 9:40 a.m.

There aren't many of you here (yet) but those who do stop by if you want this to happen you have to reply to this post. If there aren't @ least a few solid people interested who will be able to do it daily then I'll scrap the idea until there's more traffic. [fingers crossed]

My idea is much like the OLM except for a lot of the finer details. First of all there will be no place to vote. I will post the position and to put in your two cents worth you'll have to post a reply. You stick your foot in your mouth and everyone knows about it, tough shit, you make a genius play, same goes, you get jiggy wit it and do your favorite endzone dance.

Second -- The games will be money games, not a match, unless it is one long match. I hate short matches, I won't consider anything under 17 points if you decide you want a match. If we play *money games* we will play a predetermined number of games and call that the *session*.

Third -- I will next like nobody's business and I will simply post all the positions in one post that I next [I guess, haven't really thought about it yet] Hopefully the games will go rather quickly, I will next positions where I feel the plays really don't matter (like end game positions)

Fourth -- Probably the most interesting for you, if you, the forum keepers, win, you will be rewarded. I'm not sure if I'll simply pick a name out of the people who participated from a hat and send them something sweet or find a way to reward everyone. I may also choose to list items that you can choose from as your prize. I think for the first time I will be able to get something rather nice for everyone who regularly participates. [IF you win, don't count on it, gimps!] I may need your home address so if you aren't willing to give it out stfu and don't whine if you win and you don't get something :)

Fifth -- If I win -- I expect nothing. If someone wants to be nice when I win and say "Stick, I'll be your rollout bitch for a week" or "Stick there's this band you have to hear, I'll send you a copy of the CD", something along those lines don't think I'll have a problem accepting though ;)

Sixth -- I will roll out all plays myself with Snowie and they will be posted asap (after everyone has voted). Cubeless unless there is a preference for cubeful, the rest of the settings strong as they come. Feel free to roll them out yourselves but know that it will not be necessary. I will roll out my plays and your plays.

Seven -- Afterwards I plan to make the entire session available for download.

Eight -- I will roll the dice myself, manually. If you don't trust me then fuck off.

Nine -- Did I leave anything out? Post all questions now ... and post if you're interested otherwise it isn't getting done. Feel free to drag any bg players to the forums, whether they're from GoL, RGB, or your local club, tell them to come visit the biggest postwhore on the net.


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