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Annactated game sequence

Posted By: Ian Shaw
Date: Thursday, 7 January 2010, at 11:48 a.m.

In Response To: Annactated game sequence (Nack Ballard)

Thanks, Nack. That's very helpful. One of the features a like about nactation is that it expresses concepts rather than precise moves. I'm finding this helpful when considering groups of 2nd moves.

Speaking as a novice nactator, the most troublesome play in the game above is certainly 21:10/7*.

I can see the logic behind your preferred 21L, but it is not immediately clear what is meant. You are saying, "Lift, which can only be 10/8, and then what?. Hit, because it looks better than 23/22." But 10/7 is hardly a play that looks like a Lift. I can see that it works logically if you are documenting a known play, but I think it's a stretch if you are trying to follow an unknown sequence.

Stick's nactation of 217 instinctively reads as "play only to the 7 point", and 10/7* fits the bill.

Your alternative of 218 looks to me like 11/8, which, of course, is a terrible play. I'd certainly be scratching my head if I saw that, and might assume that the recorder had made an error. Perhaps I'd review the earlier moves to ensure that I hadn't erred following the sequence, and that a plausible play to the eight point did exist.

I'm not intending to be critical here, since I recognize what a great tool it is, and how difficult a task you've set yourself: to be able to record any move with a single character. I do hope you find it useful to get a perspective from someone who's not fully immersed in the system, but wants to be au fait with it, not least since it's becoming almost a necessary skill for those wanting to follow this message board!

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