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xxP-xxx-65, updated list

Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Thursday, 17 June 2010, at 11:35 p.m.

In Response To: xxP-xxx-65 (Nack Ballard)

After transcribing the rest of the 31P- third roll results from the site and digging up some old truncs, I updated the xxP-xxx-65 data list:

31P-11e-65 [R S97] 1k
31P-21S-65 [S R5] 15k
31P-22E-65 [R S89] 5k
31P-32S-65 [R S28] 5k
31P-32Z-65 [S R21] 5k, [S R25] Sn
31P-33B-65 [S R37] 5k
31P-41S-65 [S R15] Sn
31P-42P-65 [R S27] 5k, [R S26] Sn
31P-43S-65 [R S13] 10k
31P-44P-65 [R S18] 5k
31P-51S-65 [R S9] 10k
31P-53P-65 [S R14] 10k, [R S1] Sn
31P-54D-65 [S R1] 1t
31P-55P-65 [D S25 R26] 5k, [D R27 S34] Sn
31P-62R-65 [S R5] 1t
31P-63R-65 [S 21] Sn
31P-64P-65 [S R9] 1t
31P-64R-65 [S R24] 1t
31P-65R-65 [S R25] 5k, [S R12] Sn
42P-21S-65 [S R5] 17k
42P-32Z-65 [S R24] Sn
42P-41S-65 [S=R] 1t
42P-64P-65 [R S8] 1t
53P-43Z-65 [R S35] 1t
53P-55P-65 [R D32 S50] 1t
61P-63R-65 [R P43 S59] 1t

Key for second roll plays with doublets: 11e = 24/22 6/5*(2), 22E = 24/22(2) 6/4(2), 33B = 24/21(2) 13/10(2), 44P = 13/5(2), 55P = 13/3(2). I'll assume you understand the second roll non-doublet plays (those with P, R, S, Z, and D) but if not then please ask.

Key for third roll plays: R = Run (24/13), S = Split (24/18 13/8), D = Down (13/8 13/7), P = 7/1* 6/1*.

Error sizes are in thousandths. If a bracket is followed by a "k" number, that is the number of GnuBG trials (in thousands, rounded down). If it is follwed by "1t," that means it is a Snowie 1296-trial truncated rollout. If it is followed by "Sn," that means some sort of average of a Snowie full rollout (with no live cube and between 5184 and 7776 trials) and a truncated rollout.

For example, "[S R21] 5k, [S R25] Sn" means that a GnuBG rollout result shows S beating R by .021 after 5000+ trials, while an amalgamation of old Snowie results have S beating R by .025.

Neil, you can use this list as an aid to determine which xxP-xxx-65 positions you want to roll out on XG 4-ply. Note that you'll probably want to deprioritize a couple of the positions (31P-62R, 31P-64P) because of a weak reply.


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