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Learning Naccel - Problem 1

Posted By: Nack Ballard
Date: Monday, 25 January 2010, at 4:35 a.m.

In Response To: Learning Naccel - Problem 1 (Claude Landry)

The beauty of naccel is there is many ways to get your answer. I took another route. For blue I moved the 2 checkers on 9pts +1 n -1. Poof! only a mirror left 2= 102.

Elegant! It gains on Matt's solution (+2p -2p, and count S1 + Pair) by arguably leaving you only one formation to count instead of two. Your shift and counting +2 (mirror) is comparable to my solution of counting 1 + 1 (diag + six-prime) without a shift, and requires less knowledge.

For white, I brought the checker on 17 n 16 on supe3n compensate by moving 1 checker from supe1 to -5.

That works well, too. You can probably tell I'm a fan of minimal shifting (and I also prefer to shift towards S0 rather than away from it, other things being equal), but closing the board and stacking S3 is very satisfying. I also like the way that you either conjured an S0 checker or broke the 0pt -- you seem to have no problem with the concept.

If I hadn't been so quick to post #7, I would have included your solutions.

Then 4x supe3= 12 + -4(six-sym around -4)+ -1 (2 pairs -2-1/3)=7 = 132

Your count is accurate, but I have a couple of terminology corrections. What you're calling "2 pairs" is actually a "block." Please review pairs in the second diagram here, and review blocks here and the second diagram here. Also, "Super" is short for Super-point, while "supe" is short for superpip. (By analogy, you wouldn't say that you move a checker to a pip; rather, you move it to a point.)

Finally, a closed board is useful to remember as -5 (then you won't be subdividing it). If you forget, you can instead count a closed board as a six-prime by (a) summing the end points, or (b) doubling the high point and subtracting 5. For more on six-primes, review here and the sixth diagram here. In short, your (after-shift) count could have read: "Four on S3 = 12, and closed board = -5; that nets to -7."

My next Naccel post will probably include the position here in case you want to count it. (Underneath that thread, see the counting thread started by Bill.)


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