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State of the OLM Address

Posted By: Jason Lee
Date: Friday, 14 February 2014, at 5:24 p.m.

I've now run 11 online matches on BGO. Some stats:

Match # Type & Match Length BGO Readers PR
1 BG 5 2.30
2 BG 5 0.99
3 BG 15 1.01
4 BG 1 2.81
5 BG 1 0.00
6 BG 1 0.29
7 BG 15 1.72
8 BG 15 0.76
9 BG 15 0.86
10 NG 5 1.61
11 BG 15 1.07

I'm going to throw out some possibilities for what I should do next:

  • Quit.
  • Keep going with:
    • Another long BG match (15)
    • Another short BG match (5)
    • Another short NG match (5)
    • A "play from position," such as offered in yesterday's OLM thread. If we did this, I'd make it a 10-game unlimited session, swapping sides after each game.

The first option is a real possibility, ESPECIALLY if somebody else wants to take over. I have never claimed ownership in this, and never will.

I've kicked around an idea of turning the OLM into a bit of an informal contest -- awarding "points" under a hastily concocted system.

The "quit" option comes from a couple of reasons:

(1) There's way too much complaining about "next" positions. Now and then I've made an honest to goodness mistake with thinking that a position should go up for a vote when it's just plain obvious. But I gotta say, 99% of the time when I stop, I really think it's worth a vote. Also, it OFTEN happens that somebody will say that today's position is a "NEXT" and then there are dissenting votes. I claim that by my definition of NEXT, that is nowhere near a next.

The cycle perpetuates... I post some position that a couple of people think is worth considering, the rest shout "NEXT, this vote is lame," I get all surly and then people say, "I really think this OLM is worthwhile, thanks for your efforts." Wash, rinse, repeat a month later.

There are two reasons you might think that a vote is worthless: (a) it's really not worth thinking about and (b) you think it's wasting time in the OLM. Retort: (a) then don't vote that day and (b) the number of days it takes to complete a match has WAY WAY more to do with the days that I miss out on posting an OLM position.

Just so it's clear, I'm not that disgruntled about the next complaints... it's just something that doesn't need to happen.

(2) The other reason I might quit is that while it's not an enormous time sink, it does take a few minutes every day, and it adds up. I'm also running the USBGF OLM, which I prioritize.

I'll take suggestions for what to do.


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