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There must be a mistake

Posted By: phil simborg
Date: Tuesday, 8 April 2014, at 6:28 a.m.

In Response To: There must be a mistake (TarHeelFan)

I seem to recall Julius cashing before, in fact, I think he won an ABT event before, but I could be wrong.

Whether Julius should have played in Limited Jackpot or not is not the major issue. The major issue is a) should there be firm, consistent criteria, or b) should it be left up to the individual tournament director to determine who plays where?

I actually have mixed feelings about this, as a low Open player at a small tournament should not be allowed to play in the Advanced, but if he were to go to a very large tournament, where the competition at the Championship level is clearly very tough, and there are many giants and high-level open players, there is a good argument to be made to allow a low Open player to play in the Limited Jackpot.

I do believe there must be very clear guidelines for the main tournament events as these are where the points are scored, and the Jackpots and Masters events are more along the lines of "electives" and don't need to have such strict guidelines.

Now, whether Julius has won a previous major event or not, and I am pretty sure he has cashed, was there any doubt that he is a legitimate Open player before the Atlanta event started? I think most of us who have played him and know him would certainly be excited to buy him if he were in an Intermediate Calcutta.

What I question most is that he played in the Seniors....he looks far too young for that to me, and given the current state of the game, I believe the seniors division should be raised to a minimum age of 60....the way it is now, probably 2/3 of the people who attend tournament are eligible for seniors. Isn't that division a place for feeble people like me to compete?

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