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Annotated Matches from Charlotte, NC

Posted By: Stick
Date: Saturday, 20 September 2014, at 12:02 a.m.

My 3 month non posting experiment spree rolled out unfortunately as expected. I'll be back to post whoring now.

Thanks to many people we had a lot of matches from NC available freely for download. I've taken all of the matches from the main tournament and done the following.

  • First, I went through game by game for the entire match making decisions for each player without looking at the XG analysis along the way.
  • Next, I went back and marked certain plays to be rolled out.
  • Lastly, I went through and annotated the entire match.

It should be noted I didn't roll out any and every play just because it was close. If I felt either there was little difference between the plays (such as how to bear in) or that there was nothing to be learned from doing a full rollout I didn't mark them for rollouts. Also, I didn't rollout any of the opening 4 moves. Any time a decision came up that's close I will reference the money rollout in my analysis. Most rollouts weren't extended beyond 1296 trials. This is usually enough to get the variance fairly low and enough for a complete analysis of the decision regardless of what play is technically correct by a small amount. I believe there were a couple of games in the whole bunch where I also didn't rollout backgame decisions because I wouldn't have a ton of faith in the rollout anyway.

At a glance it looks like about 22 matches. It took a lot of time and work to do this and whether I try to do this in the future is dependent upon how this is received. Here's the pricing breakdown for anyone who is interested.

  • All matches (including Faster Masters and Queen City Cup matches if sales are high enough): $104
  • Individual matches: $26
  • Individual matches in which you were a participant: $13
  • Price for a Giant per individual match: $13
  • Price for any player 22 years or younger: free

As mentioned, if I sell at least 5 'full packages', aka all matches, I will also rollout and annotate the Faster Masters and QCC matches and send them to those individuals. If any matches are made available from this tournament in the future or if I have accidentally missed any, I will also be happy to add them.

The annotation isn't only on plays that the players got wrong or plays that were close, they were on any and every play I deemed potentially not obvious to your random tournament player. If you happen to purchase any match or matches and feel I didn't annotate where I should have, let me know and I'll give my insight.

I will be mailing these out starting next Friday, the 26th of September. I am offering the same guarantee that if you buy a match or these matches at any point and don't receive it within' 24 hours I will refund your money and still send you what you purchased.

I'd appreciate feedback or if you have any questions feel free to ask.

Paypal: checkmugged@yahoo.com


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