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The Confidence Man... (OT, long)

Posted By: higonefive
Date: Sunday, 8 February 2015, at 8:16 p.m.

is Belichick. Perhaps this Superbowl 49 is worthy to write a book with the title ĄEvery play call revealedĒ, with detailed statistics and simulations from ZEUS. Four great TDís from Tom Brady. Detailed Analysis shows, how simple and classic and oh so cute the Pats exploited the weaknesses of their opponent, coming to an 28:24 lead. The Seahawks had hard to work to hold the game open until they reached O. K. Corral for the final showdown. And like pinning the opponent in an acepointgame, even then the game was far from a sure win.

The confidence coup starts at second down, 1 yard to goal. Instead of taking a timeout after the 4 yard win of the seahawks at first down, Belichick lets the clock bleed out. But Belichick isnít blundering. He donít want to stop the clock, saving time for his QB, likely to go all in in the last return with a hail mary. He wants to shoot it out now. The Seahawks, remaining with one timeout and three downs left at 1 yard to goal, are the dogs. But Carroll isnít an average coach. Getting in beast mode on second would burn one down if it doesnít work. You canít execute two consecutive running plays with 28 seconds left on the clock and one timeout to play at fourth a pass. Plus letting the option open to choose, to put the guessing pressure on the defense, what will come, plus burning the clock down, to let Tom Brady little left for a prayer. Carroll wants to make it right, in every direction. And it seems, that Belichick is blundering. He doesnít stops the clock. He makes my job, Carroll must think. 28 seconds, starting with a pass, there is the timeout for the third down for stopping the clock if a running play is choosen which doesnít work, and then the guessing pressure for the defense again on forth, what will come. Starting with a pass, maybe incomplete, puts the guessing pressure open for third and forth. And here comes the undrafted rookie in play. He is prepared. He knows the slant play. His position behind his defense player, defending directly an offense player in man coverage, makes him almost invisible for Russell Wilson. He gives him the illusion of an almost safe off target pass to the slant route. If not Belichick has tricked the seahawks into a pass play, then this rookie. He makes the second step to make the confidence coup work by tricking Russell Wilson like sneaky Richard Sherman (explains his work as corner back in this youtube video, starting on 4:00: http://www.reddit.com/r/Patriots/comments/2uisry/the_genius_of_belichicks_no_timeout/).

Belichick had a fine reading of the hole cards. Bleeding the clock, he tricked Carroll into an improper bet on the flop,destroying turn and river. Carroll was the spider, trapped in his own net. I now understand the facial expression of Carroll, instantly after the interception. And Russell Wilsonís. And Richard Shermanís. Belichick was the real Doyle Brunson this evening. It wasnít the worst Play call ever. It was just a little bit too clever.

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