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My plays

Posted By: Timothy Chow
Date: Monday, 9 February 2015, at 11:26 p.m.

In Response To: My plays (Casper Van der Tak)

1. The race is basically even. That might suggest advancing the back anchor, to reduce the risk of getting forced off of it prematurely, but I'm not convinced it's necessary yet. If White outrolls us then we will want the 20pt anchor. I would just focus on building my board, since this is a nice roll for doing so. 7/3 6/4 5/3.

2. The only reason to consider doubling is White's straggler. I've been surprised before at how much that changes the holding-game cube action. It's a very easy take of course, but I would double here. D/T.

3. Bar/22* 24/18. I guess the alternative is bar/22*/16 but don't we want to mobilize the checkers on the 24pt? Getting gammoned doesn't matter ATS.

4. The obvious move is bar/24 14/10. The alternative, I guess, is 6/2*. 14/10 gives White 8 rolls to hit the blot in the outfield. 6/2* gives White 14 rolls to hit our blot on the 2pt. 6/2* does gain a tempo but I'm not seeing that it's crucial to gain a tempo here, whereas getting another checker hit is clearly bad. I would play 14/10.

5. Is this what Stick calls the Goldilocks zone? Blue's pip-count lead is ~30 and he's threatening to clear the midpoint. He has quite a few spares to diddle around with while waiting for the clearing roll. If he does clear the midpoint then I think that he loses his market, even though his 10pt is six pips away from the anchor. D/T.

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