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most exciting variation yet

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Friday, 5 June 2015, at 2:36 p.m.

The last couple of days, in LA, I have been playing a new variation that we came up with...it's a variation on Bluff Gammon that is extremely challenging. Just to give you an idea of the excitement, I almost got gammoned on a 128 cube yesterday!

We call it Pineapple Gammon.

Like bluffgammon, you roll the dice and cover it up with your cup, and you can peek at the dice before you decide to double or not. We play with two doubling cubes and you can only double one at a time, and if you have access to both cubes you can double or redouble whichever one you want.

However, we are playing with 3 dice, and you get to choose any two you want to use. If you choose doubles, however, you only get to move each one once. If you happen to roll 3 of a kind, however, you get to move 6 times instead of 4.

On the opening roll each player rolls 1 die and whoever gets the high roll goes first and gets to roll 3 dice.

Naturally the potential for huge jokers is great and naturally many of your rolls are very good rolls.

This gives great potential to give the cube, but at the same time, cube vig is huge so you also have great reason to take the cube. So there is great skill and excitement in the cube. But there is also great skill required in your selection of which of the dice to select and in which move to make since you are always more likely to get hit when you leave a blot.

In the game where we had a 128 cube I am fairly certain that most cubes were correct to give and most were correct to take and it was not a matter of two players simply steaming....but I will know more once I get more experience with this variation.

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