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Posted By: DC-Ohio
Date: Saturday, 10 March 2007, at 3:06 a.m.

In Response To: DMP QUIZ (Stick)

#1 I'll play the standard split here, 24/22, 13/8

#2 13/9*/5, 13/5, I know it allows opponent to possibly anchor, but it just seems safer and less awkward than 7/3(2) 6/2* (2). Even if he does enter and anchor, by the time we may throw a bad number bearing in, his board will probably be trashed and a hit won't be disastrous.

#3 Ugh, probably the worst possible reply to a DMP 65. The slot here is correct at money, and I'd wager it is correct here also. If we are hit on the next roll, we can start to work a backgame.

#4 7/6(3) 1/0. Bears us in completely, ignores the blot on the 5 point which is just bait at the moment.

#5 B/24 7/5 6/5. We'll still get plenty of shots with a 1-3 backgame, but we need to have a decent front position when we hit. I don't like the hitting shift to a 1-4 backgame here.

#6 6/3 6/5. We're way ahead in the race, let's just try to get in safely here.

#7 B/21*, 20/18, 14/12*. We've got a 5 point board, let's use it to get our blots around the board safely. While he fans away, we have no opposition to cleaning up.

#8 21/14??? I have no idea here. I think I run here to try and lure a hit where we may have some return shots. This is a total guess though lol.

#9 10/8 10/6. Again, way ahead in the race, clear from the rear and get home safely.

#10 18/8 (2). A 20 pip advancement... time to race

#11 6/4* 6/5? Is this one of those times for the double crazy slot hit? I think it may be... We're way behind here... drastic times call for drastic actions. We need to settle in to some kind of backgame here.

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