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Posted By: Stick
Date: Wednesday, 14 March 2007, at 6:19 a.m.

In Response To: DMP QUIZ (Stick)

I did not roll out these positions. The answers I have are from 3 ply analysis and in accordance with my own thinking. This opening 5-2 was just to make sure that everyone got the obvious point of gammons won not mattering across. Of course the split is still correct [the play I make for money]. If you'd like to see the opening move rollouts according to score Tom Keith has them on his site, BKGM.COM

#1 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

A clear example of money play versus DMP play. The DMP play is 13/9*/5(2). White can't counterprime Blue from here so Blue will be free to try to roll the prime forward as purely as possible and won't break it until he needs to. He'll hit at his will because again, White is ill fitted to counterprime, and blitzing when you have two checkers behind a six prime doesn't work! For money 13/9*(2) 6/2*(2) is clearly correct. The extra gammons you get out of it make it well worth the risk of losing a couple more % of the games.

#2 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

Again, check Tom Keith's site for this rollout. Money play any X-1 after an opening 6-5 should be slotted (where you can't make a point). Reason being you're behind in the race, you look to catch up in development. What I wanted to show here is you have to keep your mind open in DMP situations and think about plays you wouldn't normally think about. I can't know if anyone even thought of 24/18 since nobody mentioned it, but the plays are too close to call on what is correct at DMP.

#3 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

I think everyone got this correct. 7/6(3) 1/off. Again striving for the win. Money play it would be correct to hit and cover. You're ahead enough in the race it should be no problem playing safely and bringing it home for the match.

#4 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

This is probably one of the toughest of the bunch. For money you'd hit, this cuts down on your gammons lost as it gives you time to develop and scoot your men around the board while giving you still decent winning chances. At DMP this is wrong. You have a perfectly timed 1-3 backgame right now and all hitting does is ruin this. Down 100 pips you should build a board and let White move forward. You'll get your shots in due time, and when you hit them you want them to be winners.

#5 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

Don't leave jokers when you otherwise have the game locked up. A 22 pip lead (no adjustment) is a considerable amount. Here you have the option of hitting but that leaves the immediate 4-3 as basically a match winning shot, and also the follow up if White simply enters with a 4 may not be all that pretty. 6/5 6/3 is the best plan and you shouldn't have much trouble clearing the outer board points.

#6 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

I was a bit surprised how correct it is here to hit both with bar/21* 3/1*(2)! With White's other two blots floating around you should have no issues bringing your men around by keeping White on the bar. Your worst fear is that White grabs the ace point anchor. What to do then? Force him off it now and push him forward.

#7 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

Boom! This is not money play! Remember that ... 21/14 is the way to go.

#8 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

While most of you eskewed the hit, nobody did it the way Snowie did it. Snowie covers the blot on the two point by playing 8/2, leaving the option open to attack next turn if necessary to facilitate your bearin.

#9 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

Just run it home, 18/8(2).

#10 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

Pureness at its finest. OTB I missed this play and was kicking myself afterwards. 6/5 6/4* seems so obvious once you consider it @ DMP.

#11 Match to 1
Board image courtesy of GO-Figure

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