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NY Ruling Dispute

Posted By: Phil Simborg
Date: Sunday, 10 January 2010, at 5:16 a.m.

In Response To: NY Ruling Dispute (Stick)

1. I believe the rules would require you to rule against the person who moved his dice without indicating that he was repositioning or still thinking; 2. I hope that some day the rules will contain language to the affect that if there is a question about what is fair, the ruling should tend to go against the party that initiated the action that caused the dispute. In this case, it is clearly the player who moved his dice. 3. It would be difficult to prove if the player had done repositioning several times in the past, and while the other player should not allow it, the fact that he might have should not negate the fact that the other player violated the rule. This often comes up relative to the fast roll rule, where one player might be fast rolling the entire game and then suddenly, when it is to his advantage, the other player decides to call it on him. There is nothing in the rules about "not calling" an infraction, but clearly, the fast roller has put himself in a position of risk and when he's called on it, that's his tough problem.

Tournament players should not have to be warned about rule infractions...they should know the rules, and if they break a rule they should suffer the penalty. For most people, suffering the penalty one time should be lesson enough. This business about me, as a player, having a responsibility to warn my opponent about rule infractions makes no sense to me...that's not my responsibility. And this business about tournament directors seeing an infraction of the rules and deciding to give a warning the first time instead of imposing the proper penalty when a rule is violated, also baffles me.

I believe there should be warnings about unsportsmanlike behavior or things that are in the realm of gray areas, but if there is a specific rule about playing and a specific penalty, it is unfair to the other player if the violator simply gets a warning.

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